Who is behind the 'Don't Pass The Buck' Campaign? 


‘Don’t let them pass the buck’ is an initiative of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance.


Who are the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance?


The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is a unique grassroots advocacy & activist organisation comprised of over 25,000 members dedicated to standing up for hardworking Australian taxpayers. We oppose the high taxes, wasteful spending, and crippling red tape that are hurting Aussie families and businesses, and provide a voice for everyone who opposes the big-government agenda.


Who is the media contact for this campaign?


Media inquiries can be directed to Aaron Lane, National Campaign Director.


Aaron Lane is a lawyer, researcher, and public policy analyst. His research and opinion pieces have been reported and published in newspapers around the country including The Australian, the Australian Financial Review, and The Age. He has appeared to give evidence before parliamentary inquiries, the Productivity Commission and the Fair Work Commission. Aaron completed degrees in economics and law, holds a Master of Arts, and is undertaking a PhD in economics.